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I'm an 18-year-old

researcher, founder and student @ MIT. I'm studying EECS w/ an AI concentration and Finance.

Impact. As an aspiring scientist, I aim to create a positive impact on the world through materials science optimization at scale. In general, I find myself to be an eclectic learner who seeks to gain exciting knowledge in several fields. Aside from scientific research, I enjoy cooking for my family, playing tennis and basketball, swimming, researching obscure topics, learning about history, reading, and watching Formula 1 and Football.
ISMER: Seismic Resistance Metamaterial
ISMER is a cost-effective metamaterial for earthquake resistance. I recently gained a $3K Angel Investment from Thiel Foundation + Mercatus Center. I have submitted my work for publication at ACS Omega (SSRN Pre-Print) + a US Patent | Davidson Fellowship | Paper | News | Speech
Radiation Mat. Research @ NASA
Led a team of 10 awesome peers in investigating new space-suit materials for NASA | $1.5K Funding | Experiment sent 70,000 ft. to space in July 2023 | Technical Writeup | Flight Video
Energy/Solar Research @ Stanford
My 1st-authored research at Stanford's Dauskardt Group involves Molecular Dynamics discoveries of PMMA-etOCS nanocomposites. These nanocomposites can help solar panels gain extensive longevity. Aiming to publish in 2024: Poster
2D Material Defect Research @ UD
1st-Authored Paper (SSRN Pre-Print) I worked on with guidance from Dr. Hossain in computational fracture mechanics. At a simpler level, I found that certain “defects” (void regions in materials) actually vastly improve material strength | MIT URTC Poster | Abstract
Composite Research @ UD
1st-Authored Study I was employed to work on at the University of Delaware CCM in composite wettability with molecular dynamics. To date, I have worked with 2 ML-derived silanes and discovered methods to increase fiber-matrix adhesion | Poster
I really enjoy working with others to build cool things, check some out below! :)
Nikoi Research Productivity Software
Think of a "Notion-like" application for reducing stress in researchers. Nikoi employs ML-models and algorithms to automatically plan a researcher's projects. | Currently in our beta-stage with 10 users @ 3-institutes
Delaware Aerospace Association (DAA)
I founded the DAA in partnership with the wonderful folks @ NASA DESGC to provide STEM-related opportunities to peers. Currently, we have helped 26 students gain access to research @ UD. A cool thing we've done is have a NASA speaker series with NASA Wallops!
Alpha Centauri Tutoring
I co-founded ACT in 2021. We saw the opportunity to have brilliant peers share their knowledge to under-served children. I've managed ~200 tutors in 8 states and 11 countries. With 3000+ Volunteer Hours in total over 242 tutees! We're also sponsored by Hack+
Always open to chatting!
Please email me if you'd like to talk about your works as well
Newark, Delaware